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Full text of "Superintendents of the Yellowstone National Parks Monthly Report, December 1919"

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PILE 143 

M N T H L I 


D E C E LI B E R, 







, um* 

tart tovvlae, 

of the Interior, 
ashington, . 


Jho following Is ry report on conditions in Yellow- 
atone XZatlonal gjflr oaoKm tbe operation of the vtfk for the 
Math of a*****, 1919: 

divided into too nearly pfoal dis- 
similar periods, the first half of the Mftth being character- 
ised V o rtreraely low temperature cad esoeeehro snc/fall, 
OfcUa | irla the lot** fattl Q/JL, ONMftOONl IHgM saows foil 
MA tho teaneratnres owe Rild. Dorixr; the first 15 days 

MNP Sail;, dcficioi^ tl ta r erasure of M 
npered with tho noraal. to tho 9th tho tm- 

A decrees below aero and on the 19th 90 
below. She lwoeet preriome record for Fiooufcor was -9i 

. ♦ 
io -6*2 below normal for December, a lower mob temperature 
for December has toon recorded Vat twice, naraoly 1' derrees 
in 1909 art in 1916. Ho total aaowfall of 27.7 inoheo io 
greater than for any other December on record exoent 99*9 
inoheo in 1916 and 60.6 inoheo in 1089. Jao» fell contiaesno- 
ly from 12.20 . :i. on tho 9th until 8.90 . li. on tho 11th. 
Jbie atom ma aeeorMaaied bgr high winda en the 19th am 11th, 
the aasim velocity **r a five miaate period reaching 40 ndlcs 
par boor on the 10th and 99 ailes on the nth. s a reealt 
raneh drifting of the snow occurred. During the eter*. 11.6 
inoheo of anew fell, and the crerago depth on the ground at 
the end of the atom wee 24.0 inches, which is the greateat 
depth or HOT M tfio pMad tm \tm £oco.iber rocortir,, ozeo** 
that of 1916 tthen 26.0 inoheo of aoaoaalatad mm aero re- 
oorded* ?h© total preci rit&tioa reduced to water was ' . 
inehae, which la 0.31 aoro than aarml for Beeeater. 2he 
wind movement waa considerably abate that for the average 
Po o on fc or , while the sunehl ,e waa about the noraal, taking the 
month aa a whole. itathly ietoorolorrioal Pauaaij rurniahed 


i*i«e «f to the time the strifes was oyer* rmrnUb we 
SL 1 !^^ Un ^f°^ h *• str4lE *' ■* •*'*• »t is over 

!TLSLr^ m# J?" 018 *£ ****• to *■""•■• ttot »•»• «u* 

•••aippift toon. Ae residents of the adjoint^ town of 
jwttoor wore not so fortunate, tot ^ of the* m forced 

*«rth of ^ardiner, of wMoh there la a* wali 
me loft v/hea these mines were operated for maamfaeturii* 
«•*». 2his elaofc was shipped by rail as far as iivtsrstoa, 
and givos fhlrly ,-eod results as a fael so far as fnrnlshi» 
heat Is oonoeraed, tot it has to to wet and mixed up sad 
■^u beffcre burning, end it is very flirty to handle and 
lots of work. 

|| assist in relieving the shortage, the people 
of uardlner secured permission from the uerrlee to open up a 
nine in the park* 2heir delegation looked over the eeal 
aiae on the north end of *ts ahioh has boon opened and 

operated for our own use, and deoided it would bo too neh 
wart to get ooal from it. Then after considerable pros- 
oeetii>g, they deoided to open up a to has shown in 

plain sight fre* the «aain read far may years. 2his rein is 
leaated about 60 feet east of the rnin road in the lower end 
of Oardiner .iver Carbon, stout a aiile south of the north 
entrance, and Just across the Gardiner Ivor from the read. 
2his rein has toon followed for stout 60 feet by * than, 
sad the representatives of the villous are still worlclsg at 
it, with fair pros eats of eventually getting into sens good 
coal whaa they **t in farjieaaqgh to get sway from the elaek 
ooal oaueed by its belt*? too close to (fee eurfaoe, sad bask 

into the mataln where the weight on tow is greater. |g the 
weal shortage la by ae means entirely relieved and i 
still burning Klectrio slack, I have not thought it „ 
to step the operations of openlx* v® this new mine. Its 
roduees hare dene tat little as yet to relieve the shortage, 
tot the results of the pros -*oti&; work nay be advantageous 
to the Government later. i?he ooal that has been taken out 
Is light and slaefes so easily that it is hard to tarn, and 
its value has Una far bean onah less than the cost of the 

On IfeMftbtr let there .wrc 57 mpKr^ms under t 
office; on DeeeK&er 31st there were 57. Below is siren a 
list of the naHiber of various ol&eses of enployaos servix^ 
under appointment, with general statement of the kind of work 
performed by each olaasi 




Mti Bag*, 











IammI ttfmm 

Vaster Mettaale 

Office eqglaaerifig* 

1 disbursing aerent and purehas- 

ta$ clerk* 1 on orders, proposals, 
and vouchers? 1 stenographer, files 
and revenues; 1 on payrolls and I 
keeping; 1 on cost accounting eat 
in charge of storehouse. 

of all trans jort&ti on* 

1 in change of power plant; 2 assist- 
ing In power laaU 

In chajc^o ef tatas Buffalo herd* 

Assisting taffalo tooper. 

1 in charge of all ei%inecring work 
in park under direction of tteperln- 
ten&entj (no- on leave} and 1 in 
UMp or iNM u 

In charge of construction crew* 

or* in cordssary, rationing 

of telephone system^ did 
work and Installed in- 

.ifeaan at he a dquar ters. 

In ehax&e of shape* 


In ohaifto of goaoral plxwftlug at 

:ol«5raph Opr. 

*6l*pP0 1 IS OpOV* 

In ghats* ** gonadal uaintli*: at 


itolo*u>osj oporator. 
.'olophoos switohboard 
limnmw vsrfe at baa&qaartors* 

of stations* on duty in 
NT'S moo* patrol tatyi 
111 Htffltt* 

In addition to tho rsgmlar o-*ployoos Nationod abo?o, 
following li*t of temporary laborers, teamsters, ete«, wore 

















|fl M l-j S: 

Brookes, ssistant Chief .arror, 1 to 16; 13 daye. 

l f fdre:«i t 24 to 31; 6 days, 
Kelley, assistant Buffalo Keeper, 1 to 7, • days. 
•Attor, olerk, 3 to 6| 2 days. 
Jrim, auto asohmio, 19 to 22 (noon; and 26 to 27, 

iOtt f aaster Mfthanie, 17 to 19, 3 days* 

t, handyraan, 8 (noon) to 11 (x*jcr 
ortf»r, 10 (nocm) to 12| !$» days. 

f s tat >r, IW per 

2h*ra wre no saparationa from tho sorvloo daring tho 
wnth of 3te*mte3% 

No vaeanoiaa axiatad in the tmiml®? foroo at tho olose 
Of Uooorsber. 


(a) Gonotruiitim i a* hrflotfl ijwmirMntiir 

construction *ork was attaemtod darisg tho month, 
m owy thins lo on a wintor teal a. 

Aa tho park roads are all oovorod arith a heavy bl&aSast 
of aae* 9 no maintenance work was necessary or poasSMa, On ma 
day* a fw reeks eontisaa to falljoa tho road through tho Gardiner 
Oa^n, duo tp tho softening offoet of tfee ^ tm th« hillsides. 
3?hese rooks are not namerons enough however to Impede travel 

Uhe few sam who re mi i in tho ehop and gar«$e aro en- 
gaged principally la Mfclqg romira to auto trucks aad other equlp- 
mat, with tho idoa of baring everythi^r In first-elaes condition 
by tho time construction work starts in tho sprttg. 5!he eork of 
reraedeling tho old frazas stable Mff which la to ho need aa a sholtor 
for road mahlne*?* la about finished, mA nost of saoh equipment 
la now tmdar oovor. 

£he of floe en&inearlngr work for tho smith consisted 
aoatly of revising the office flloa of blue prints and tracinge 
aaA cataloguing «*»ot indexing aM cataloguing fiold books? nark- 
ing? up tho notes ad aakimu plsmu and -srofllae of aorroys ^ado 
tho past season* 

lia pyor^aantg ter CcncQflaloner a. 

JSbflL Y»llQ^»tone raite ftflgy ii ff qflfflpffly brought In its or** 
from Itomr Falls and discontinued oonstruetion work entirely en 
Beoeotber 14* L-lnse that tts» their operations hsxro boon confined 
to taring for talldlqgre by & winter keeper, and tho snp&oyroont ot 
laeobanie overhaul ii*- tracks and motor oars. 

2&t X^ULffllttfiUft iJHEk iifttfll SHHBK *** » «Ml «»ept 
of building roqulrod of vrinto* ^sopors, and the m*odoli«g 
of a taildixfr for uso m an loo house, abiob in partially com- 

-&& 7ffiU?irflHMff JHIk, MflWlMTllttM &HMHBL ooatinaed the 
e**aoy3»nt of remodeling a U*&e building at &smeth for a new 
•hop, sod repairing* the cornice of their big storage garage* and 
thlo work «m praetloally eoapleted* i!he car or-tors also began 
tho wwrtt of ehaMging the oorolcf* of their taste hoaae which adjoins 
the garage and matehea it la architecture, bat this work wu 
finally discontinued en account of bad weather* 

2faey alto employed a nanfeer of meohanlee erorhaallag 
tho hi to oars used for the trans *>rtation of tourists throt^h tbo 
park, ant a oerps of paint ers on tho sane work until Poooraber 11* 
thoir supply of fuel ran short • and they decided to ©lose 
eewyt&ing until towards spring. Since tho n&ddle of December 
there has boon in their m tho par* bat o»o naa oho looks 

af tor tho buildings and runs tho mil stage between aaaseth and 

St* AHKBft hUtOfrfT e*t his new atoro baUdiqg at 
Oaiyoa voter cover, bat a heavy stem stopped all haul!**? of 
sup-plies on tho road to Caqpm. aart ho finally brought his on* 
m tfels* about December 16, and discontinued his mtK to bo 
finished ?»xt spring* 

by tho inclosed eopar of tho Chief liai*$er's 
roport, but 9 pooplo visited tho xsurfc daring tho *»nth of 
bor f all of cftw oaao 1m bat a short distance, via tho northern 
on business or vioxyii*? tho garae* 

hi cml^r work In progress V concessioners la as la- 
dioatod ebore, in ar. Ill, mmlf tho remodeling of a building 
for Joint use of *he aerrlce, the HNMt Gm$my 9 aad tho Geaapiag 
Company, V * carpenter hirod by tho rotol Company- and tho oror- 
hftnlli^r of taster transportation by one mechanic hirod by tho 
Camping Cosapari. 

e still hare a lifctle work to do by regular eatplqyeee 
to finish tho reiasdeling of tho stoao stable south of oar parage 
Into a storehouse for o^aipiont? and tho usrfc of reraedeiing * 
building for use as a paint shop is only a Httlo over half dene* 

. all of »hioh la bols^ done by regular nployooo, la 
haing dola^od whilo tho leo drop la harvoatod, m this woife has 
to bo dona whilo tho loo lo of propor thiotaoia and wfcan woatber 
aonditioaa aro rt&fet. 

Eognlar patrols for ^taction of tho gum by rancors 
will bo oontiaaod, also thoir opaolal mm of foeding hay to wild 
antraalo, aorplua horaoa* and tho torn buffalo herd. 

A watafcmn waa oiagloyod ra&ularly during: tho senth rwkin^ 
night mtrola to guard agadnat dangor of fir© asm* our way wal- 
nafelo builAi^TO at &oad<gaartara« 

good pvojgrosa oollootisg arjoaiaaaa 
«ad <*oparlog thorn for our momm, oolloetJtagr an! filin® litorataro 
for information bwraaa and mmrn> and waa alao callod upon oooa* 
alonally for ro^-nlar war* aa a raagar whan his aorvlaoa waro aoodod* 

V. OHK B'&DH. 

Bio only wor* bogw daring tho wath waa tho h&rroatii*? 
of loo* A torn and ma woro aa$loyod bagianix^ Doaaatbar 28 in 
olaaaing tho aaow off tmm the loo and aartctog it roady to bo onu 
On toaoaibor S9 tho actual twit of outting and pattim it la tho 
ioe-hooaoa waa hagon* and at tho and of Dooo&bor SI wo had a 
total of 016 tona of ioo hanroatod* 2ho work la atill going oa# 
Vhia work ia baing dona in conjugation with tho Fatal and caapii*? 
Cocipanioa, by oar ragnlar oaployaaa and toama with aaalatanaa of 
raan araployod and paid bfjf thoao aoaga&ioa* 

9o now worfc haa boon planned for thla month t but it la 
tho intention to aontinno to oot^lotion tho wrk of ramdolliig 
bnlldi^a aa noted on pxwwioua pagaa of tfcia ra-*ort ff ooiaplota tho 
hanraatine of tho ioo erop» aooaro mm asft&uat and haul it from 
tho railroad to iaauro tho tawrpinft of tho loo; oontlmo tho food- 
lag of oik alons tho north li*»» aparo horaoa in tho paatoro at 
ttamnoth* and tha tamo buffalo hard on lonr?h Gro*& # by tho raster 
faroo. As tho naooaoity for intcnalTa patrola along tho north lino 
paaaad with tho aspiration of tho open acaaon for shooting oik in 
Montana on Doaoafeor £4t a ranger can bo spared and will bo stationed 
oo long aa noodad ne&r .-lee trie f outaida of tho r*xk in tho Montana 
State Oarae I reaerro, to looit aftor tho iatoreeta of the aateala 
that atray outaida* 2i«aro aro now dOO to 900 oik In that vioinity, 
and a wmll band of aatelopo lnaiata on wintorlng thora« 6 aloo 
hanro a raxmber of h^srotaoko in -that vicinity f th^t aro grate: 
boi% haalod into tho -wk and fad, and thoao mat bo gnardad to 

earn extent tr*n elk and stock. 

m* n 

HO mm policies ??ere &dej>ted during tha math* 


Coot reports for the routh of Dooml*? are Inclosed 
herewith* : ?ha monthly expenses consist principally of the pay- 
aaat of salaries of regular aenloyees on a winter basis* 'Jhese 
eogAqyees an loop* toiqr eoastsatly dota? necessary work incident 
to the oars mad operation of the plant, wX en fci^rovenjente or 
repairs to buildings or equipment * harvest!^ ioe* feeding game* 
etc** when occasion demode* 

Um mm m tmm m txmmm. 

lid ni^la* 

the apparent serious condition** for wintering oar wild 
aataals eontiuued with the severe weather up to about the middle 
of Deeember* tat the moderation of the weather to a nearly noroal 
etatae has been tuck a relief that prospects seem much mare en- 
courting* She feeding of hey on a large eoale ma continued 
throughout the month* sad it eaaaet be said that **y of ear saiwls 
are to a starving condition at the preeent ti e# 3ie weifc of 
feedii^ has been difficult and onerous to our raster force at 
tinea* dae to the severe oold» and anew which prevented the use of 
truelcs far heal**? hay. bout StoeoBiber 10 saev was eo plenty and 
drifted on the roed north of Gardiner to depths that stopped the 
use of the trucks* 2hia necessitated getting? in aare teams for 
bmUm hay* and this unexpected ex ease adds materially to the 
eeet of the feedi*?. «*• 4r-fcoroe teaas hare to be kept «p at 
tawftiaer eonstmtly for this werfe* though towards the end of the 
aonth the anew had disappeared on the road enough so the use of 
fcre truelcs was reaaaed. One team also was used dally feeding die 
f*oa Headquarters. Bte undivided attention of nine racers was 
repaired daily including Sundays in doing? this feeding 

fuel m& meh »are hey were required on account 
of the severe eold* ht the Buffalo Farm it was fend that the 
hay would not last until spring* and to provide for the contingency 
the surplus heroes uhieh were beiwg wintered on lou&h Crook were 
bro^ht in to Hameth at the end of Deeeafeer* where thay will be 
fed baled toy the balance of the winter* sad fee toy left at sleegb 
Creefc - afcout TS tons * will be used to feed the buffalo herd* 

It ie alnoefc certain that at least 300 tons «r« of 
alfalfa hay will he needed mat the north hendary, to brii*: the 
el* f 4»«r t ana antelope, that are being "•*# through In good shape* 
21* lowest quotations received cm this tap la $30 par tan at 

Buffalo , ^Ijl &£&• ?our of tha wild taff ala war© seen 
lim 9 from Soda Batta station, tha latter part of tha 
• Ha reports th«y are In apparent geod ecmditicm, hut aa 
t ▼Jfy wild. 

wmrifrrr jsshl Jat£&» * tha and of Soweafter this hard 
vaafeavttA 413 head, Ga Booember 5 an eld hull was found daad aear 

/> th© read between 2wer Stella and the .teas* Bridge, naar Junction 
Butte. B*e body waa so mutilatad that the aaansr of daath oould 
not ha determined, awd tha tffcin waa of no use as a specimen. ?his 
leaves UZ astasia in the hard* m$ of thaea vara fed fcsiy at the 
buffalo farm, about 60 tana bels& used for tha purpose. $tm bol- 
a&ee of tha hard waa aaattarad in various places, aeveral of than 
beiugr at Headquarters and near Gardiner s»st of tha -wrath. 11 
f warn tateen to Jleu#k Creek about January 1, and sinee than they 
hara had hat tar taofc Hempim than together. Mmy of therc are 
dangerous to hare around whore there are msagr poople, Bra elfc 
ware earnorad and killed %y them daring tha aamth - one near Head- 
quarters and tha othar at the Oardiaar suffer otatlon, sewerwl 
af them frequented tiie main road between Headquarters and Gardiner, 
mafciiv; it dangerous to walk war tha read.. It also frequently 
happens that ttap g?ore earn of our horses, m*e or laee eeriodal^. 

JUKI* *»• **»r» »* to ha seen duriu# tha severe winter 
month*, aa they hibernate. 

ntalaoa* ?ha antelope t*ere fad dally with tha e 
near tha north entrance. Oaa sraell hand of ahaut 35 insist wpaa 
regaining eat a Ida of the ***%• in tha via laity oi Kleotrie, where 
thay eeere to fare wall and are net molested. Ahout 250 ware noted 
aa the feeding grounds, a tam antelope whioh fre^ente the 
buffalo torn was idafead in tha head by & Horse and silled. 

_j> Aheat 50 dear ware fad with tha elfc near Gardiner, 
about tha earn number near 'Sanaa*. Oemrally epeafctag the? 
in #ood eaaditiaiu ?bey are often aaan in othar part, of the 
park, and all of them do not o*m in to ha fed. Ahout two hundred 
ware seen during the wnth. youag xaole deer doe waa found dead 
in ear reservoir, frosen slightly into the iaa. She waa in good 

-1 - 

ltlon and had evidently gotten into the water and wy unable to 
too to the high eonorote nails above tho water's ed . 

JUk» ^o situation regarding tbo olic and the probability 
of their extermination has eonsldembly Impr oved with the mild or 
vendition of tho weather, iaoo it moderated about tho middle of 
flmiatir» tho elk hero o oe n ed laaa anxious to go down, sad in faet 
towards tho end of tho month they seen to bo in 
up book t ow nr de tho pork. ?he out 
might Of Doooolbor 04, and while there aere elk killed every day up 
to tho loot odamto, tho laat two weeks of tho eeanon tho elongate? 
waa mot 00 «reat, and tho onthnolaan of hantere ooomod to hare 
aubeidod to a groat ox tout. Dombtlooo taeet of theao oho wanted 
to hunt were on tho grand earlier in tho eeaaon, and then tho 
eurtalled train eemrlee on tbo aft Bremen, Deeenber U to 10 had 
tho effoet of dieeonraglng travel and it did net revive before tho 
end of tho open aeaeon. ohief ex^er stride's estimates ao to 
tho mi all i of el* loot to tho hoe* during tho fall to include tho 
end of the hunting oonoon ia T 9 000 hand, of wbleh ho thlnko 4,000 
wore killed by hunters and ahl ed out by express; about 1,000 
killed by hantere who lire in Jardlne, Jardlner, and tho Yellow- 
stone V .uley en far north aa ray, Montana, and 3,000 wwundod by 
banters and died later from their 

■ $£ «lk . bout 4,M0 won fed hay at Oardlner, 
164 tone honied by rmeero - wane of it being hauled aa far 
an 10 miles, 1,200 fed by one ran er fro* Rendanartero, requiring 
86 tons of baled alfalfa, 500 to l # t>00 on ;longh Crook wham 75 
tone of how wore fed (80 horae wore also fed out of tt is hay 
durlx* UsowJitorli a total of U4 tone of hay waa fed to about 
7,800 wild aniiaala (meetly elk) taring the month* 


On Tiismabur about 8D0 hand of oik wore found in tho 
_Brro f Juet outside of tho entmnoo aroh at Gardiner, and 
driven bank fearing thay would oroee tho river and get into 
where shooting wan ponaittod by the tate. ate 
mmrmr*l tlau>e. but thav insisted upon going out 

ea 9 bat thay insisted 
stantly, and it waa found they were oontent In the gome pre 
and that few of them eroseed tho rivor. inhere are now about 600 
to 800 elk in the valley west of tho Tellowetone river Just north 
of tho park line. ?hey aeon oontantod hare, bat are a great nmi- 
aanoo to tho famere, damaging their fenees end haystaoke end e 
ing oemalderable loss* In their eroeeing hank and forth into 

park at fardlner, six wnre killed during Poo oa fcer by being impaled 
en tho stool 

. ploket fenoe near the entraneo aroh. One was 
to death by a buffalo at Oardiner and another waa killed in the 
wane manner at uwaueth. I tana elk known aa Bill, wandered in 
from the Buffalo Farm where ho was raieed, and hae token up his 

•haa* nt Jicadquarters where he is petted tai paobagraifcod to bis 
heaat's eonteat by ewarybeeV. 

4*bo elk aeon and reported during the oamth ware about 
an follows, 4*500 at Oardlner bain* *•*! 1 9 200 at t eadquarters and 
Tiolnlty; 1 9 200 bateau Lara Craek aid Jowar fallai 200 bet./eem 
Jower jhau and unar 9rld^a t 500 to 1 9 600 betwaan Laoar Bridge 
and fee park 11ns on 81eo*h Craoiq 900 Lonar Carbon to abbla 
Crock, And 36 on Caaha Oraaicj 40 at orris Baaini a total of about 
10 t 000 inside of the pane. Ha attenu* waa aade to aake a eoopleto 
it is MA that thara are oonsldarable hards vast fron 
that ware not aaan at all. . ercral thousand ara also 
aatslda of tha part, bat aa definite Idas aa to thalr nanber eon bo 
had at tha nraeent time. 

oj[ £U* > % ha aost important vork of oar 
this ./lni«r is li lviu • ecUI aare Hi f*e<U:* :o t 
largo hards of oik that ora thraatanad with extermination tor t 
of natural faad aad tha severe wlatar weather. Ale 
Ltion together with tha groat slaa*hter dae to the a 
in by Montana ef its span aaaaon far arv County, ha 
nation wlda eooraent, aad afforts ara being ande in all dlraotions 
to find a aatlsf eatery solution of tha wablom of Just how away 

i j -r - ■ . . ^ ' . '.-..-i i 'o • 

urrey, tha /orcot berrLee, tha National ark Jervioe, aad tha 
state authorities ara all interested. How that tha opa* season is 
tha state aad . crest •rriao have laeed extra aan aa patrol 
to aaa that tha game laws aro not violated! and siaaa tha 
of tha yoar wo here had aaa reaver (Reese) stat laaad in 
tha state Oeaa I reserve at lcotrlc for tha aaaa porpoaa and to 
live opoaial at tan t ion to any of oar valuable antolopo that any 
insist upon wintering thara. Hctrtttstandlav tha faat that tha 
paat opan aaaaoa far a Ik in which probably nearly 5 9 000 elk have 
baan slaughtered, has brought many thousand dollars (aatlaatad at 
between 50 9 ooc aad v 100 9 000) into tha sparsely sattlad county 
tor 25 -dies dawn tha Yellowstone Talley Iron tha parte, tha inhab- 
itants through thalr ropreeentativeo in tha etoo)w/rewers aseoela- 
tlona odea wary anon .^anot any neaenrce that wlU taad to pro- 
aota tha interests of tha wild elk, and ara asalnet any ■amaoras 
of aequirlne; hay ranches or range for the elk that winter outside 
of tha park. 

n^ii^tin elk herd , fro* tha boat reports I can ;ot re 
atlTa to this hard, practically nil of than mmberlnr about l t 000 
ara wintering outsida of tha park, down tha aat Gallatin ivnr, 
where tha range la bettar than it is on this side of the divide as 
it waa reserve* for the ge/ae by the forest ervice. Runters killed 


about 300 oik from u is hard last f&ll daring the open 

-'QttfcfaOT JteCfU 1 hav« no direct tnformtion a© to the 
welfare of this herd daring the month, ifoey all winter outside 
of the pel*, and are fed hay at the faro asaint&laed by the Bie- 
legieal Survey under direct mrnsmmA oi r« . .a 

a Investigation me made of the condition of the el* 
wintering in the Tie laity of Dome siouataln, about 20 miles north 
ef the sark, ea the advice ttvm the Chief of the Biological survey 
convoyed to op by telegram December 31 • Assistant Chief nailer 
frieatssea q&eat several day* la that vicinity &M returned with the 
re ort that the elfe there mr* la number stoat 600; that they were 
loo&tag as veil aa usual at this tlzae of the year, none dyi 
and that amsarentiy they vera getting enough to eat* ?hat a hand 
of 1«£0O sheep had been brought through the winter time far on 
the same -aa^ withholding, and still looked sail, and that folte 
a nua&er ef harsea «fe*e also wintering* there without feeing f$&* 
Aa to the feasabllity of flooding there in ease they need it, It 
would appear to he impracticable unices tfcay ware to bedrifted 
to Cedar Creole where there id shelter and they could he f&d with- 
out interference by atoefc* If fed la the vicinity of Done fountain 
the range steel: v/ould tate aoat of the hqy and interfere too nnaeh 
*ith the f&edi*^ of the e!3u bout 4,500 elk t?©re noted by oar 
rangers while asking this iaveetift&tien, including thoee on 
Crevice Mountain, and around Jardioe, and they did net cover the 
ootxatry thoroughly, 

?he store reports tafcen together would Indicate that we 
atill have not lees than . elk la our rnvtbum hard, and doubt- 
less there are several thouesad more that were net noted. 

hiiroent g£ oiie. On Deee&ber 3 twelve elk were shipped 
to the City a*2e of t# Imls, : o,, under authority contained in 
yonr letter of September £4, -Zheee were crated oaA shipped by 
express, local, 2hey consisted of ten &*yoar~old females and 
teo 3-year-old mles* 

On Beosober 9 tee fseaale yearling* and one aale 2-year- 
old vim shipped, orated, ly express, to >Utt National arte, 
Salpter, Ottehoraa, under authority September SO. I had a wire from 
the paric superintendent December 10 that they MN received la &ood 

On Beeewber 15 a carload ef 65 were shi pusd by express 
to alisades Interstate ark, itar Tor"*, under authority of :«©v«aber 
28. ?he»e were caught and dipped under the direction of Ifr, 


feton f wfee aooomaaied the ahipcaenU 

Shore are tree **ets of ahiprA^ about 300 Mr* ells fchia 
aenth under reeent advices fro-* you regarding the wan to of Canada* 
aad & report Been to the saffepa^era ?eeterd^ that salt lake City 
had aafead for about a hundred for Utah* 

iffimtAln t3toe> &i#hteen mauntala ebeep were eeen on 
„ ifrerta* and 7 in the vletolty of Uoeer l^alls ■ -.oarer tatloiu 
ibese on uu ftrerte eesae down to the Ostrdlner iver daily to drink, 
and are fre<juentl^ eeen at eleae quarters tmm the $*ato road. 

flfteae* ifiaeee ^ere aeon sear Ceoto* >oat# t ml alae 
Tellesratene, Beufcaaa* dnrtog the month. 

< |apaiiraauna ^^ ^ia > limy ooyotes h«re been »«* f 
and eigne of uolrea have alee been noted, iiaa^ra frosa etattoaa 
have beea brought to to aaeiat to fee&tog hay ee lawyer Henry 
Aadereen and Baiter court &esrtog oould devote their time to hunt- 
ing and trao >lm theae ealaalei Aadereon fcae been aa engaged atoee 
neeoidmr 25. and Vrntto® la am isrepariag to set out tote the field 
with hia traps* 

In a few eaaea the el& are ftadi*^ euff ieient graxiag 
en their winter feediag grorcnda to feeep them and do net ees» to 
for bm f bat to the Iwer eemtry. bagtoaiug about a aile north 
of Kaaaetfct. ther© la set mefe t*t the^n dae to the drouth of laet 

Store da*&a sod other t^tor~aowl are noted on the 
mmm that are warsa than bwe been aeon for eeveral yeara peat. 

.tj; * 

2he only fishtog waa to Cterdtoer HiTer, and »"***• to 
the lever fcadieen and Firebole f and there waa bat litae i»m 

dene duria the month hgr «utfbo- 

2h* epeeial petwla were seept up en the par* Itoea until 
the hantera left the eoantry about Beeasaber .edUtety after 

the eloae of the taattoff *•»•». Crevtoe tati m wae abandoned, 
and one of the revere {DusKtlel brought to Qudtoer to* aeaist to 
feeding the gam, aa£ the other (Beeae) atntlenad at Kleetrio to 


do special worfc there of oorltv? for the elk and antelope outside 
of the park in the r^ontaaa Garae reserve, 

iNMfcl ■! MMtaiMM Ml Hi Iflb 

Or December 1, Jehn J* Jaofcetm, of Jae&son, 3leatana* 
was tried before the United tatee Cemlssiener ©harmed »itfc 
haati^ In the !»*%» 2hSs arrest was raate bjy Banker Burton Keeae. 
Ha was fincd$8S and costs of tfce ease* 

On December 2, Bert Herod, of 'laurel, ~?ontaaat was 
tried before the Oomisale&ep charged with killing an elk in the 
park* 2hls arrest was rade by Chief k&ngw rsesrite* Ee aaa found 
guilty and fiaed *10O and costs* and ate to forfeit his rifle, 
as provided for ht/ the law* 

Special visitors oozing to M«®»etfc on business were 
I* C* Bartt* gracing «*8*rt of the •« s* Itareet Service Offiee at 
Missoula, Montana, on December 10* 

Mr* Howard intern for the esrload of elk for I allsades 

arte on December 10 sad 14* 

Sir* Holsoa MMft <**•* aod ■* *« *• JJOFert, of the 
its Ocas ©eparteent of^eataaa* oa jDaestber M* 

p. ' ||M&iaaMnfc 

" ' ; '"-■-'■ • 

I ictoarc shosa were held weekly at the I ost safeaqge at 
Headquarters, uialer co-operative arrax^e^ants of erarplo^ees and 
residents of Beaweth sad Oardiner* &mt* 

Church services were held every 3uad% In the Chapel* 

Jhara *as a wrammlty Chrlstaas free in the I ost te- 
chnics en the night of the £3r&« 

2he usual report of sacnias collected, due end trans- 
mitted, together with mam oardera and cheeks totaling v 94*13* 
as called fW by fewe 10-S9 and 10-66, is inclosed. lease 

aefeesaledge receipt. 

Cordially yours, 

. L" 





I . M»« 

■far toto 

1S 9 which warn rtedi 
•till looted well, 

&^no mm wtmm 

. W9, 
9 9 1930, ploasa aorroot lino 15, 
the mm r«ngo with foodlng, «nd 
frtto" M it will i^ed: 

, aa& «tlll looted woll. i 

The following animals were shipped last month: 

200 elk were shipped to the Canadian Government. 
(20 bulls and 180 cows) 
3 elk -nore shipped to The Agriculture Coolef,o of Texas, 
( 1 bull nd to cows) 

3 elk were shipped to Uinneapolis, Minnesota, 
elk (1 bull and two cows) 

4 xxx were shipped to Aurora, Illinois, 
x (4 cows) 

y^y 1 buffalo was shippod to Aurora # Illinois f 
( 1 bull) - - 

Total 22 Bull elk, 188 co^v elk, and 1 bull buffalo. 


yThe hay erew at Gardiner using two trucks and two teams hauled 
a total of 811 tons of nay to the elk on their feeding grounds 
near Gardiner. They fed b tween 3,000 and 4,000 head of elk, 
^/75 head of dee* and ?50 head of antelope. 

>Hanger Lawson hauled 35 tons of hay from the barns at Headquarters 
Y to the f eding grounds in the vicinity of Headquarters. He fed 
about 1,200 head of elk, 16 head of deor, and 1 buffalo. 


iffalo Keeper Ucombe fed 64 tons of hay to 384 buffalo during 
hhe month at the buffalo ranch. 

A/ total of 106 elk were found dead on or near the feed grounds 
/during the month* Six of these elk were killed wftile catching 
\/ elk for shipment. Of thoso found dead 86 were calves, 16 were 
v cows and 4 were bulls. It is hard to sav what the cause of death 
kkkb was# Two rangers spent two days with a motor truck in haul- 
ing these dead elk away from the feed grounds and road. 

During the month 14 coyotes, S wolves, and one fox were killed by 
Rangers Anderson and Dewing. Two of the wolves and about half of 
the coyotes were females. 

Ranger Reese reports that 154 deer are wintering outside of the 
park, between G ardiner and Corwin Hot Springs. He also reports 
X^nat there are 84 antelope outside the park in his district. He 
counted 17 dead elk in his district and all of them had died of 
gun shot wounds. 


Chief Ranger McBride, Assistant Chief Ranger Trischman, and Ranger 
Dupuis, spent the last week of the month in patrolling the country 
North of the park line in the vicinity of Gardiner, Jardine, Elec- 
tric, and Crevice. They report 1,678 elk all in rood condition in 
this ountry, and that the elk are returning to the park in Urge 
numbers. They counted 199 dead elk all having Med of i ounds caused 
by gun shot. They did not find one winter killed elk. 

A tot 1 of 107 mountain sheep were counted during the month. J& 
mountain sheep were found north of the Yellowstone River, and 54 
sheep wore found south of the Yellowstone River. 


Rangers Wine as and Frazier report havinr seen 61 of the wild buffalo 

the Felican country during the month, ^of those buffalo were calves • 
The old buffalo were in good condition, but the calves were in very 
poor condition. These men also sav/ 8 moose on their trip to the 
Upper Yellowstone Country. 


ft, 9?